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  1. Create an excel spreadsheet and use that to send emails as it creates a hyperlink of the email and opens a new email when clicked. Save the file to the dock for easy access.

  2. I reported a similar problem to Apple support community in August; no response at all. Apple clearly doesn’t prioritize fixing this major bug. Today I tried to add a contact and edit it, and it corrupted a totally unrelated contact. Had to fix both, very carefully, while the contact app was temporarily cooperating. Does anyone know the definitive cause of this bug? Just advising to “keep software up to date” is a delaying tactic.

    1. Here is the conclusion of my MacBook Pro TimeMachine backup and Spinning Colored Circle using Contacts in Apple Mail issues. I solved it with great pain and effort. Here is the story, in case you ever run into this again.

      -TimeMachine backups failed midway
      -Alternate backup app called ChronoSys also failed midway
      -When picking a contact for an email, would get the colored circle to find the email address. I use Apple iCloud for Contacts, and Mail but nothing else.
      -However, when selecting a contact from other Apple devices no problem appeared
      -So it seemed there was a possibility of a corrupt Contact database

      There was this one (above) obscure post from a few years ago on the Macreports website about a corrupt Contact database (but not related to TimeMachine). It said this is one of the corrupted files

      I also found a bunch of these files below.

      I did a file search and found the location of this kind of file, which is • Library • Application Support •AddressBook

      The post indicated that trashing 3 database files appearing here would fix the problem. So I held my breath from the potential ramifications of messing around with system files, and did it. Just prior to doing so, I noticed I had 750,000 files in this location that had the word “corrupt” in them. That quantity is NOT a typo. So, I started deleting them to trash but that was agonizingly slow. Then I tried Option-Delete Immediately but that method chocked at about 30,000 files at a time. Nonetheless, I had to do it and repeated it over 25 times.

      Then, I did a First Aid again, started with a new portable backup drive that was erased, and then TimeMachine worked!!!

  3. Printing lists from my Contacts in Monterey does not work properly, as some lines have data overwritten by other data.

    Also, why do I have a red ‘stop’ sign against some fields on a contacts card.

    Finally I cannot find the ‘verify’ link, which some users recommend

  4. I have the same issues. For years already with multiple macbooks. It’s clearly a bug and no one wants to fix it

  5. Using Monterey on iMac .. when I go to add a new contact, before I can finish inputting the name sometimes, it will just go poof and disappear .. at the bottom of the contact list a new line appears that says “No Name” .. If I can save it with the first name, then I can usually go back and edit the rest of the info in, but I have to save after each new detail which takes up so much time! Also, creating groups within the list, always have issues naming the group, and have now had issues with dragging cards into he group, and when I look at the group, they are there, and then POOF, gone again.

    1. The exact thing is happening to me too! Tried to add a new contact and poof! It just disappears after a few seconds. I’ve closed my Mac and did a re-start but that didn’t help. What’s UP?!

    2. Similar problem on Monterey right now. Auto fill wasn’t working. Tried to set “my Contact card” but it was already set (to a card that has existed across MANY OS updates). However any attempts to edit that card and it just INSTANTLY disappears from the list the moment you hit edit and it jumps to the next card in the list. Re-searching for it makes it show up again. It’s like it’s half in/half out of the database somehow and can’t be touched.

      Made a duplicate contact card and made the NEW one “my Card” and safari autocomplete works again after the update, but the old one is this unremovable ghost card. Oddly I *can* edit the picture associated with it, just not the name/details.

  6. I’m using a MacBook Pro 16 (Intel) presently running Monterey 12.1. I have had this MBP for 1 year and have experienced repeated crashes (every 60 days or so) of the Contact App where the app will launch but is totally unresponsive. After launching and when hovering over the menu headers (File Edit View etc) the drop down page opens but is empty. In the past I have used all of the above MacReports suggestions and was able to get Contacts working again – removing the 3 address book v-22 files to trash previously did the trick…

    This restoration technique no longer works. Opening in Safe Mode does not identify any issues.

    Any other suggestions?

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