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  1. I restarted my macbook, re-entered my current apple ID, and everything is fine. Sadly, Apple products/services don’t just simply work “hands-off” like they used to. Over the last few years, or so, Apple has started to feel more like Microsoft.

  2. I was able to fix it by opening and logging in via “Internet Accounts” – took me about two hours to figure out though!

  3. Click sign-out, input your Mac’s password then cancel the sign-out process (worked for me). My initial aim was to allow my apple watch open my Macbook pro.

  4. Dumb question:

    I changed everywhere (really !) my user picture, but the old one still is present in Mac App Store (bottom left). The iOS App Store is OK and so are the profile pictures in macOS Preferences and in the Mac login screen.

    Any idea where to go to replace that dumb picture?
    icloud[.]com and Mac App Store already checked. Many times…

  5. Thanks for the review. In my case it worked with activating the Keychain and enetering the passwords twice

  6. I had tried several of these things before seeing the article, but I followed the steps on order as described. It FINALLY solved itself after 2-3 attempts without signing out of iCloud since that would have erased the dozen or more entries in my Wallet.
    Thanks for the good info.

  7. I was able to fix it after going to “iCloud”, a few thing where unchecked, “Find My” and “Keychain”. After enabling this two thing the error message loop went away.

  8. Additional instructions needed: when you sign out, do you keep iCloud info or not. Does it make duplicates of that data if you do or don’t keep it, etc.

    1. I tried to not download any iCloud data because I simply did not have enough space available. As the dialogue boxes say, everything will still be available om iCloud so why me worry? 🙂
      I tried to sign in again but the three-factor authentication stopped my for the moment to sign in. I will do this later today. I think this will work.

      1. “why me worry”
        Because apple should not ask you to enter that password at the first place, it’s called “Login Loop Bug”, and it’s rather a GATE than a loop, and heck if they can let that bug there without even acknowledging it, they are also able to simply “forget” all your iCloud data.

  9. I finally got it working on my Mac Pro. I can’t tell you exactly how I did it, but it mostly involved just waiting while I ate lunch. I have noticed that many operations in Catalina require a significant waiting period even though there is no progress indicator to tell you that the Mac is actively working on it.

    1. YUP!!! I am discovering this and it is driving me BAT *** CRAZY
      I have repeatedly thought I crashed or froze because there was no indication it was doing anything and restarted or otherwise interrupted whatever was in process. It was by being interrupted myself by my child that I came back and discovered it had been chugging along. This needs a fix – there has to be some feedback when working on these. Holy MOLY!!!

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