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  1. Correcting the date in Utilities > Terminal on the target machine solved it for me. Thanks! Crazy that such a simple issue causes a problem with such an unhelpful (in fact downright untrue) error message.

  2. How do I enter in my password in Terminal? After I paste your command you posted this pops up: Password: and a key symbol

    1. It’s asking for you to type your Mac password. You won’t see the letters or dots appear as you type, but it’s recording your keystrokes as you type the password. If you mistype it three times, it’ll cancel. You can try again though. Hitting the up arrow will bring back the previous command you entered.

  3. The moment I open Safari, I am getting error “captmoncnab3” is damaged and can’t be opened. This method will work for this error as well?

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