What Does Alarm Clock Icon On An App Mean (iPad)?

You have seen this alarm clock badge (or icon), see the image below, on an app in the dock on your iPad and you are wondering what that exactly means? It is probably troubling you because of these reasons (a) you did not place the app in the dock, so why is it there, why it is placed there? (b) why does it have this alarm clock icon? This article explains what the little alarm clock icon on an app means and how you can disable it if you want.

Alarm clock icon iOS dock

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Let’s first describe in what ways this icon appears:

  • An app appears with a little clock on it (see the image above)
  • It appears at the top right of the apps in the dock on the right side on your iPad
  • It may be an app that is not pinned to the dock
  • Not exclusive to any specific app

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The new iPad dock

Your iPad has various status icons and symbols. This small alarm clock symbol is one of them. It is not tappable. You may think that it appears randomly. But it does not.

The newly updated iOS brought a much-improved user experience to the iPad, including a new dock. The new iOS uses complex algorithms to learn your habits. iPadOS (and Siri) has learned, using machine learning, that you often use this app at this time of the day.  iOS has further learned your previous usage patterns. Based on this information, iOS is trying to make it easier for you to use this app by placing it in the dock on the right side so that you can easily open this app. Siri thinks you want to use this app. It is simply a reminder kind of thing. It does not have any other function.

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iOS will suggest apps based on your app usage habits. For example, if you use the Facebook app every day at 5 pm, the Facebook app with alarm clock symbol will appear at the far right of the dock. The clock indicates that you have used the Facebook app before at this time, so iOS is suggesting that you may want to use it again.

Alarm clock on app

Do you want to turn off this feature? You do not want to see this suggested app and you do not want to see the little clock badge? Here is how:

  • On your iPad, tap Settings
  • Scroll down and find Siri & Search
  • Find the Siri Suggestions section
  • And then toggle off “Suggestions in Search” and toggle off “Suggestions in Look Up”.

You can also disable suggested apps. Here is how:

  • Tap Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap Multitasking & Dock
  • And then toggle off “Show Suggested and Recent Apps.”

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Dr. Serhat Kurt worked as a Senior Technology Director. He holds a doctoral degree (or doctorate) from the University of Illinois at Urbana / Champaign and a master’s degree from Purdue University. Here is his LinkedIn profile.

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70 thoughts on “What Does Alarm Clock Icon On An App Mean (iPad)?”

  1. If this feature isn’t removed on apples next update I’m gone to the new Samsung. FFS I am able to decide what I need to use without a dickhead designing a prick of a feature nobody wants. Useless irrational feature.

  2. Rather a long string so I’ve gone straight to the end. I had the annoying clock symbol at top right of iPad screen which wouldn’t go away. I had no ‘alarms’ shown on the Clock app. Siri said “no alarms set”.
    I then went into the ‘Bedtime’ section of the Clock app and found that at sometime, I had played with it and the slider showed my wake up time for Sunday’s at 7.00am. I closed the slider and now all good! I didn’t think that the Bedtime bit was alarm…..

  3. I may have found the remedy. Go to Siri and Search. On the right scroll down till you see the app that keeps appearing with the alarm clock. Click on it. It will take you to Siri and Suggestions and below that Show App. Turn both of those off. I am hoping by turning off Show App it will disable that annoying feature.

  4. Hey Broski’s, i figured how, just drag a random app into the dock until you can’t add anymore to it and its gone. No room for sirirand friends to suggest anything.

  5. It’s a Siri learning thing. The alarm/timer means iOS/Siri thinks this is an app you use regularly at a particular time of day. So, it sticks the icon of that app on the Dock around the time of day you use it. All in the idea this makes it easier to access. I had it doing that for the local newspaper and couldn’t figure out how to get rid of. It certainly wasn’t ”easier” to get at when the normal app icon for the newspaper was literally right above the Dock.

    Took a fair amount of searching around the web to find the correct answer.

    How to stop it. First, be on the iOS desktop. Swipe right to the widgets. Scroll the screen up if necesarry to see the Edit button and tap that. Tap the red minus button next to Siri so it stops trying to be so “helpful”. The timer induced icons should disappear.

  6. If an app with the alarm clock icon continues to reappear, you must also turn off Siri Suggestions in the search screen (swiping left to right from home screen). This is also called the “widget screen”.

    At the bottom of the list of notifications is an “edit” button. Use this to remove “Siri suggestions” and any other useless alerts (which may be draining your battery)

  7. Completely useless feature that cannot currently be removed, have tried all the suggestions but none work. Many of the features Apple force us to have should be optional, many of the new features have not interfered with me but this one is annoying, please Apple remove it.

  8. Swipe over to your widget screen and remove Siri App Suggestions. Siri is trying to learn your habits and thinks that is an app that you regularly use.

  9. If a particular app keeps popping up or you’re trying to turn it off for a certain app try going to the app in settings and then clicking Siri and Search and toggle it off and do the second suggestion as well. That worked for me.

  10. If you’re trying to turn it off for a certain app try going to the app in settings and then clicking Siri and Search and toggle it off and do the second suggestion as well. That worked for me.

  11. Instructions still don’t work and damn app icon with alarm clock is a fixed adjunct feature of my otherwise incredibly efficient and carefully chosen dock items. Argh. Update to latest iOS did not change anything.

  12. Really really really REALLY iritating ! When the calendar appears unwanted in the dock with an alarm clock icon on it the actual calendar app icon is just a few millimeters away where it should be. Why on earth would i want it repeated ? Have tried all the suggestions to turn this behaviour OFF but nothing works. Has anyone found anything that does work ?

  13. Thanks so much for your update, Apple. Now I cannot get this annoying alarm clock/app to close, no matter what “helpful” instructions I am provided to follow.

  14. Your iPad or iPhone is likely rooted and gathering analytics. Someone is personally gathering your information. They have locked down what they want locked down. More than likely your device is uploading to an iCloud account daily even if you don’t have one setup. Read up on the new software apple released for developers in July or August. I cannot remember the name right now. Let me guess. Are you on medical? Tons of info is being collected by education institutions.

    • Yes and the thing I was all over was the old one. iCLoud backup data mining is up to you. If I was choosing, my preference is always best. Data analytics and tend development on each user is probably automatically analyzed.

  15. I have been on to Apple about the Doc app issue with Siri and THEY can,t even solve it. Everything connected with Siri is turned off and it makes no difference. It seems to be stuck on the Photo’s App, with Alarm clock on it.
    12.1 update has made no difference.
    I am quite capable of choosing what I want, without Siri making decisions for me. So darned annoying !

    • I just found someone’s reply further up, on home screen swipe right to widget screen, scroll down to edit and the remove Siri (I removed screen time also) it worked for me

  16. Great relief to find a fix for this intrusion from Siri, however, I have followed all the instructions shown and the problem still exists.
    I have also done a reset in my iPad Air and problem not fixed.
    I hope a fix can be found soon, as it is extremely annoying and definitely not needed.


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