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  1. I just ordered iPhone SE from my carrier $250. My iPhone 6 still works fine but won’t pair with my Apple Watch dries 3. Do you think this work ? Then I could return the new phone.

  2. I bought a iPhone 11 in Canada but I live in Thailand! Now I’ve returned to Thailand and my new watch is not compatible with Thailand networks
    And Canadian sales rep new I live in Thailand
    Called them said bring it in I’m in Thailand!

  3. I have this problem only I don’t want to update my iOS on my iPhone. They just released 14, it’s completely different and I don’t want it yet

  4. I recently purchased an AW3 for my birthday, thinking my phone was the iPhone 6s Plus (I bought it from my cousin a few years ago), when in reality it’s just the 6 Plus.
    I was pretty upset that my brand new watch (with WatchOS 6) wouldn’t pair with my “outdated” phone (that still works perfectly and hardly has a scratch).
    I called Apple and politely explained the situation. They overnighted me a box to send in my watch… I sent it in the next morning, and two days later I received a replacement watch that’s running WatchOS 5 and was able to pair perfectly with my iPhone 6 Plus.
    It’s not something they like to do, but they will under certain circumstances.
    So if you have this issue, don’t give up… there’s no need for me (or you) to go buy a newer model iPhone to pair with my watch when my 6 Plus still works just fine.
    I am now a happy camper with my watch that has literally changed my life, I don’t know how I’ve gone so long without one considering that my work requires me to stay in constant contact with my boss.

  5. Me too. So angry and frustrated with Apple. I had no idea that my new watch wouldn’t work with my iPhone 6. There should have been a very clear statement on their website about compatibility between watch and iPhone versions. Now I have a useless iWatch that a) I spent a lot of money on and b) I was very excited to receive. UGH is right 🙁

    1. Call Apple support. Explain your situation.
      They will ship you a box to send in your watch, and they’ll send you back a replacement that’s running WatchOS 5.
      I just went through the same thing, I thought my phone was the 6s Plus but it’s just the 6 Plus.
      I got the box, sent my watch, and got my replacement in less than a week… my watch is now paired with my phone and everything is working beautifully.
      You may have to be persistent… but good luck nonetheless!

  6. Hello,
    Unfortunately, my apple watch S4 had been failed update. Now, it is not pairing with any iPhones. So I tried do it, however the following message is shown.
    WatchOS 5.3.7 Your software is up to date.

    As you know, my watch isn’t paired, so I’m not able to useful the watch app except the first settings. However, the app isn’t able to find WatchOS 6.2.6, so I’m not able to pairing, and use my watch. Of course, I did reboot both, and pairing with other iPhone (XR 13.5.1), it’s same result. Do you have any idea for solve this?

  7. My series 4 watch was working just fine with my iPhone 6, until I dropped it and had to warrantee it out. Now the replacement they sent me wont pair unless I buy a new phone. I even have cellular so my watch wouldn’t be dependent on my phone and now this.

  8. Well, I too would like to add negative comments about the Apple slight of hand. There should be some alert on each version of the Apple Watch only compatible with “such & such” operating system. I have 1-1/2 year old iPhone 6 with 64M & a new Apple Watch that is now useless due to lack of compatibility. UGH!!

  9. So literally that’s just it.. I bought a Sapphire Apple Watch for a damn fortune and I can’t pair it!! WTF!! I’m running iOS 12 and it’s just one f*cking update behind.. 😭😭😭

  10. Okay. So the first time, I decide to ask a question online and I found a solution so I’m going to provide it myself. This way if someone has a similar issue, they can try what I did and it could help them out 🙂

    – – – –

    After many permutations and combinations of actions advised by many threads online vaguely resembling my issue, I decided to go off route and my final attempt was as follows (mind you, some steps may have had little or no impact on the result, but as I said, these are the steps that I made in my last attempt that solved the issue for me):

    1. – I pressed and held the crown on my unpaired Apple Watch. Rather than showing the “power off” option, it asked if I wanted to reset the watch; basically go back to the beginning before starting the pairing process. I clicked yes, and it did a factory reset.

    2. – As soon as this was done, I went on my phone, clicked on Settings -> Bluetooth, turned it off.

    3. – Then went back to Settings -> Wi-Fi, and turned it off.

    PS. – It’s very important to do it in your settings app and NOT through Control Center(swipe up) as it doesn’t actually re-initialize your wireless and bluetooth modules (after iOS 11).

    4. – Wait for about 10-20seconds. Again, I doubt there’s any science to these numbers I claim. Even 2 seconds could’ve been enough I guess, but this is what worked for me.

    5. – Then I went back to Settings -> Wi-Fi, and turned it back on.

    6. – Same with Bluetooth (in Settings -> Bluetooth -> Turn On).

    7. – After this I went to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> Watch.

    8. – When I scrolled to the bottom, I saw I had a 2 year old watch backup in there. So I clicked at the bottom-most option: “Delete all backups”.

    9. – Then finally, I backed up into the main Settings page and toggled Airplane Mode ON (after a few seconds, in hopes of that backup actually being deleted).

    10. – A soft-reset (pressing and holding the Home button + the power button till the phone turns off, leaving the buttons ONLY after the white Apple logo shows up) got my phone to restart. After this, I opened the watch app and tried to pair it and it paired in seconds.

    — —

    Apparently, the watchOS had updated and didn’t need installing again. But my Watch app and the actual Watch were confused with that old backup in there. In which case, Step 10 might be the only solution for most who’ll have this issue. But the first 9 seems to have worked for many on other forums, so I decided to put them in too.

    1. THANK YOU THIS ACTUALLY WORKED. I have an iPhone 6 and recently just got the series 3. Followed all the steps and I was able to pair with my phone.

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