Change Mac Screenshot Locations

I take a lot of screenshots while I use my Mac. You can see some of them here. Most of my articles include my screenshots. By default, the screenshots you take are saved on your desktop as .png files. You can easily take a screenshot without the need to download/install any third party software. There are a … Read more

iPhone Not Connecting To a Car Stereo Using Bluetooth, Fix

Can’t connect your iPhone with your car stereo via Bluetooth? Several users have stated that they are unable to connect with the iPhone from Bluetooth car audio systems. Reported problems: iPhone would connect for phone calls but not for music Can’t pair your iPhone with your car Can’t use handsfree functions Bluetooth is not working as expected Other … Read more

iOS: Auto-Lock Not Working? Fix

The auto-lock feature on your iPhone (or iPad) will automatically lock your iOS device (your device’s touchscreen will lock and its display will dim – sleep mode) after a set period of inactivity unless you disable this feature. Default is one minute. You will still receive calls and messages while your device is locked. Some iOS 10 users … Read more

iPhone / iPad: Apps Not Responding, Fix

If an app on your iPhone or iPad is not working as expected, one of the troubleshooting tips below may help you fix the issue. Common ‘iOS app is not working‘ issues: an app won’t open an app won’t respond an app is crashing In general, iOS works smoothly, however sometimes, you may face issues like app … Read more

Open, Edit & Create a Keynote File (.Key) in PowerPoint on Windows PC

Last week, I sent a Keynote presentation to a friend of mine. He told me that he could not view the presentation because PowerPoint could not open it. So I decided to write this article. Keynote is an Apple software. The Keynote app is the Mac presentation software similar to Microsoft PowerPoint on Windows computers. Keynote lets you … Read more

iOS: Unable to Join Hidden Wi-Fi Networks Automatically

Does your iPhone or iPad fail to connect to your hidden Wi-Fi connection automatically? Several users have reported that their iOS devices do not remember hidden Wi-Fi connections, meaning their iOS devices are not able to automatically re-connect to a hidden Wi-Fi, forcing users to re-enter their passwords and network names. See also: iPhone Keeps Saying Incorrect Wi-Fi Password (But … Read more

How To Repeat Songs In The Music App

So you have a favorite song and you want to play this song over and over again. Songs or albums can be set to repeat. This is very easy, however, a lot of users are having trouble finding the Repeat (and Shuffle) buttons in the iOS Music app. So where are these buttons? They are slightly hidden. … Read more

7 Tricks To Free Up Hard Disk Space On Your Mac

These tips will help you free up storage space on your Mac computer. Low disk space may slow down your Mac.  A few months ago, I was receiving this error message: “Your startup disk is almost full” I ignored this message for a long time until I saw this new popup message: “Your start up disk is … Read more

How To Disable and Enable Siri on Your Mac

A lot of users use Siri, the intelligent personal assistant. If you use Siri a lot on your iPhone or iPad, then you’ll see that Siri on Mac includes the same features. But some people may want to turn off Siri. Some people may find it unhelpful. Do not worry, even if you turn off Siri, you can … Read more