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  1. This still does not work. I’m on a 2017 Macbook pro and have erased my HD numerous times and re-loaded multiple operating systems. The last system the brightness control works on is Catalina. It does not work on Big Sur or Monterey. What gives, and surely Apple is aware of this issue right?

    1. This is really annoying. These supposedly highly advanced operating systems yet one cannot adjust the monitor brightness. I’m sure all the spyware and data collection systems are working just fine.

  2. Macbook Pro with Monterey V 12.5 used to have working slider on top right to control display brightness. I must’ve hit some button and now it is fixed and cannot be made more or less bright except if I go into system preferences, display. I like the convenience of clicking the little toggle switch icon and then increasing or decreasing the display brightness. I’ve tried to function key, control key, option key and command key but it is still fixed and I can’t get it to slide anymore, any ideas?

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