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  1. I’m a singing musician. Been using iBooks on my iPad for many years during performances with lyrics that I create with Pages and turn into pdfs and export into iBooks. Now, suddenly iBooks crashes within 20 seconds. OS (16.3.1) is up to date, today is 3/19/23. Tried turning off app and restarting and also hard restart on my iPad, still same problem. If I delete iBooks app and redownload it wouldn’t I lose all my pdfs that I have been accumulating for many years? Please help!

  2. I am BEYOND frustrated with this app after updating. I never had a problem until 15.5!!! Crashes with less than a minute of sue.

  3. After the upgrade to 15.4 crashes happen even more frequently – Books was always prone to quit unexpectedly, or at least since ios 8 or 9, but now it has gone critical. Now when I open Books, it crashes within one or two minutes, up to ten times in a row (then I give up – maybe more patience would be the answer?). Meanwhile the ipad heats up as if in overdrive and battery settings show Books to take up e.g. 21% of battery power, i.e. Books is trying very hard to do something like calculating Pi to many decimals or reflowing the formatting of all books at once.
    I have turned off whatever I could to prevent Books from accessing the internet because my ipad is not online most of the time. If this is the root of the problem, then it cannot be solved on my side, because allowing those accesses e.g. searching the library render the app unresponsive for long stretches of time if there is no internet connectivity. Nonetheless as a developer I have written programs in the past that did not crash when they could not access the internet, so I know for sure that it can be done.
    Maybe there’s some reindexing going on in the background this soon after the upgrade, taking away memory and causing some allocation inside Books to fail, but this is still a software bug. It should not be possible to crash an application through its GUI.

  4. IOS / iPad 15.4.1 update has affected Books. Books now crashes consistently. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. Powered down several times. Any additional advice? I rely on Books for school. Into finals next week and I need these resources. Many TIA.

  5. My iBooks continue to crash. It first started crashing after I downloaded the latest IOS 15.4. I followed the instructions provided here where I deleted and installed iBooks. I was able to read a book for about one week with a little crashing but fairly stable. Then the regular crashing returned after a minute or so in the book. But I was still able to open that and other books. I did the same deleting exercise again but now all my book covers are on display but I can longer open them. Also the display of the books shows volatility where multiple books may change position in the overall display randomly.

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