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  1. 1. iCloud Servers: CHECKED
    2. Latest Software Version: CHECKED. iOS 14.4
    3. Restard Device: DONE
    4. Internet connection: CHECKED. WiFi and 4GD available
    5. Storage: CHECKED. 8 GB free in device.
    6. Delete and Recover: CHECKED
    7. Picture format: CHECKED. The photo was taken with this iPhone.

    I’m paying the 200 GB iCloud plan.
    If the system is unable to download the photo, why doesn’t tell me the reason? (storage, internet, format)
    I can’t even copy the iCloud link! (“there was an error while preparing to share”)

    I took this photo 1 year ago and used it as profile picture in many sites. I need it now.
    I’m tired of the terrible iOS storage management.

    If I can’t find a solution I will move to the Google Storage (Same price).
    I’m ok with manually managing my backups. I just need to access get my damn photos when I want to. It shouldn’t be that hard.

    1. I found that I had a lot of deleted photos in my deleted photo library, this may also be your case. Try to delete all of the photos in there that you don’t need. This may also fix the issue.
      Once I deleted the extra unwanted photos in my deleted library, I stopped getting the error message.
      Hope this helps!

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