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  1. Your instructions were clear, and after following them, Kindle crashed again. I’m on an iMac running High Sierra. I’m giving up and will wait until my new iPad arrives to run Kindle.

  2. I had the same problem, and remembered I had a personal document I had converted to kindle using the kindle creator. It had crashed and never used it. I always use my iPad for kindle but it was annoying that I couldn’t use the app on the MacBook Pro. I could open the book, but as soon as I turned the page it would “unexpectedly” close the app. I located the kindle content in MY computer hidden away under library and about seven sub folders. You can find this in kindle app I deleted the three offending files of my “personal document”, closed the kindle app. Restarted it and it worked fine.

  3. Thank you so much!! I had tried reinstalling it numerous times but that didn’t work. It was finding all that stuff in the library, a bit tricky but you explained it well, that made the difference. Why do these things have to be so complicated???

  4. I tried this. The new installation looks like it works, but there are no books. I restored the Application Support/Kindle files from a backup, but no joy.

    I’m using a new iMac Pro with an M1 chip. Perhaps this is part of the problem. I note that Kindle got only two stars in the App Store. This is what happens when we allow monopolies.

  5. This process worked for me. It’s a bit technical getting into the library but if I can do it, it’s within the capability of most if not all. That part is essential as just deleting the app from the applications folder is not deleting it at all.
    It must be deleted everywhere kindle raises it’s ugly head in the system.
    Thanks much. Now if I can get this damn laptop to update.

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