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  1. Hello,
    I followed all the points and I solved.
    My Apple is Iphone XR with outlook calendar .
    Thanks a lot for this useful instruction.

  2. #3 worked.
    My Cloud held my appointments. What a pain. Makes me feel like carrying an appointment calendar again. Too stressful and annoying.

    Grateful for the assistance.

  3. what if the notice WILL NOT stop flashing long enough for me to do any of this 🙁 I am so frustrated!!!!

  4. Worked after number 3 but I was holding my breath re the calendar. Fortunately all backed up to computer and iCloud. Fixed the problem thank god!

    1. Same…arrrgh. His comment: “Do not worry, we will turn this on later and your calendar will sync again.” is a joke.

      All I have now is a phone with no calendar and no knowledge as to how to get it back. And of course iphone stores are all closed for COVID at the moment.

      The following step was of no help as my phone (xs) does not have a “home” button:

      “Force close the Calendar app and reopen again. Here is how:
      If your device has a Home button then double press the Home button. This action will bring up the most recently used apps. Find the Calendar app (you may swipe right or left). Swipe up to close it. If your device does not have a Home button then swipe up from the bottom of screen and then find the Calendar app and swipe up to force close it. Then reopen it.”

      Suggestion to the author: If you’re going to provide detailed instructions that requiring breaking something (deleting calendars) as one of the steps, make sure you provide equally detailed instructions on how to fix it. I couldn’t be more pissed off right now.

      1. I agree that the author should have been more explicit on how to re-synch calendars, but I did figure it out, and hopefully you did too!! Go to iCloud calendars, turn off, say “keep on iphone” then “merge”. I got all of my calendar appointments back.

  5. One thing that would have been nice to know:
    “Deleting the calendar from the phone will remove any calender entries that (for some reason) haven’t sync’d to the cloud.”

    My phone has a problem with pushing entries created on the phone to Exchange Server, so some entries that are in the phone calendar never show up in Outlook.

    But I don’t have to worry about them now, because they are gone. Thanks.

  6. All the way thru #4, but it didn’t work for me. I’ll chat with Apple support then go to genius bar if necessary. This happened once before, and without getting to Apple Support (I was busy for so long), the issue eventually self-resolved. I appreciate the clarity of your guidance.

  7. This is an infuriating problem to have – especially on a brand new iPad! I called my company IT department and they could not/would not help me. ONE Google search and your site showed me how to fix the problem in about 2 minutes. Thank you macReports!

  8. If you are deleting the calendar from your iPhone, will you lose all the appointments you have stored already?

    1. Yes. But if your calendar appointments are saved somewhere else (for me they are synced with the calendar on my computer) you will be able to refresh them and have them reappear on your phone.

      At the end of option 3, as the instructions said I need to turn back on my calendar; however, when I did, I didn’t see any of my calendar appointments as I was expecting. That’s because in Option 1 I turned off the syncing feature and never turned it back on. I then followed option 1 instructions to get back into iCloud and turned on Calendar. When I did that, all of my calendar appointments reappeared.

  9. Option 3 worked for me! I appreciate these instructions very much and have bookmarked this page in case ithappens again!

  10. Great job! I called Microsoft and was on the phone with them for ages and could not get it fixed. You did it. Cannot tell you what a relief it is.

  11. this worked (option 3). Note that it takes forever for the calendar to sync back up to your iPhone–don’t panic

  12. The passwords & accounts worked for me! Thank you so much for these tips. What an aggravation trying to use my phone when the error message popped up multiples times.

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