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  1. The quick volume buttons and hold till spinning wheel disappears worked for me too. It turned out that I also was in low power mode when it booted back up. IPhone 11 Pro Max.

  2. My phone is still not working. I don’t have the spinning wheel just the apple logo. What can I do? I am freaking out!!!!!

  3. Thank you so much to the person who said to do the quick volume buttons and then the power button for longer. Miracle! Thank you so very much.

  4. The procedure for Force Restart didn’t work for me. Black screen with spinning wheel, but try as I might, pushing the Vol Up, Vol Down, Holding the Power button changed nothing.

    It wasn’t until it continued spinning overnight and drained the battery completely — only then, as soon as I plugged it into the charger, it started up normally upon holding the Power button and everything was fine.

  5. Holy shit… Thought this was BS. The quick tap of volume up, then down, then hold the power button did the trick. Thank you!

  6. Repeat those steps more than 5 times. I did it correctly and was patient with holding the power down button each time several minutes. Then after maybe 3 min repeated it and by the 6th time it worked. Thanks so much!

  7. I literarily freaked out when it happened to my iphone 11 pro max ! Thanks for saving me! The press volume up and down and long press power worked! Thanks so much!

  8. Thanks for guidance. Tried 6 times(i phone 8 )Didn’t responduntil plugged into computer then responded and didn’t need restore , just went to home screen. phew!

  9. Thank you for saving me!!! I tried everything. Including holding down volume and side button, which set off some kind of alarm. Not sure whats going on but I’m thinking I need a new phone?

  10. Was installing the latest version of iOS 13.2.2 and it happened with my iPhone 11 Pro. did the volume taps then a long hold on the side button and it worked perfectly. however even though my phone was on the charger all night it had low battery once it came back on. So back on the charger it went.

  11. I went to install update on latest IPhone last night and black screen with apple logo appeared and still spinning at 7 am this morning. Have attempted volume up/ down button followed by power button twice this morning and hasn’t worked, will attempt one more time and then decide what to do. Alex what do you mean by uninstall the profile. Thanks for assistance so far

  12. macOS 10.15 Catalina no longer has iTunes. I don’t see any sort of “recovery mode” option in the Finder, where device syncing happens now. Now what?

  13. I had to try the reboot process a couple times. The volume up/down buttons require a very quick tap and the side “power” button requires a bit of a longer hold. Again, this worked after the third attempt so just be patient. If you’re running the beta profile, this is one of the “risks” that come with the package. It’s not all that common but just report it in the feedback app and keep it movin. If you really can’t deal with the potential for instability on occasion, uninstall the profile.

  14. Stuck on Apple logo and wheel While updating to the new iOS 13.1.2 on the 11 pro max and none of the options of reboot/restore work.

    Such an expensive phone and so many problems already even before using the darn phone

  15. this happened after updating new iPhone 11 Pro Max. Couldn’t get phone off for hours. Finally got it turned off after about 10 hrs and now can’t get it back on again. Crazy expensive phone should not have issues like this!
    Back to the apple store! time suck!

  16. This worked for me
    Volume up one click
    Volume down one click
    Then a long hold on lock button other side of phone .. a very long hold eventually turned it off, then another very long hold turned the home back on and the dreaded black screen/while Apple/spinning disc had gone and phone restarted as normal then I went back into the update software area and it automatically updates the software with no hiccups but took time, it did however allow me to watch the progress, unlike the first time when it just went straight into the dreaded black screen scenario..

    1. the direction to hit the volume up botton quick followd by the volumne down quickly then hold for a long time on the power helped. I was freaking out! thanks.

    2. thanks Jo… worked after many tries! deal is one has to click the buttons fast.. holding the power one until the wheel disappears.. I was doing it too slowly.. tried six/seven times to no avail… once I did it fast (not waiting after each click): it worked… in any case anyone has the same problem

    3. This worked as you instructed but only after I first plugged it in to my computer, opened iTunes AND made certain that the open iTunes window was the active (click once on window so not all grayed out) window . Thank you for this!

    4. just happened to me and this worked!!! i was freaking out so much because none of the other stuff was working but i have an iphone xr and thank you so so so so much!!!!!

    5. This helped so much! my phone was stuck on the spinning wheel for 15 hours thank you so much i recommend trying the first time and sometimes you have to do it mutiply times.

    6. Thank you Jo! Your directions were a little clearer. It didn’t work when i followed the article directions but yours did!!

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