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  1. Since last update my iPad 6th gen freezes constantly especially as soon as I get to entering a password and often before, it wont allow me to create any passwords on any sites. So my iPad is useless, I cant purchase anything online with it, I cant join any memberships because I cant fill out any forms.

  2. Hello,

    I have the same issue and have just noticed something…
    As usual, I was in a meeting on MS Teams and using about 2 other applications at the same time. Then it suddenly crashed and I was logged out of all my applications.
    What I have noticed this time, that it crashed at the exact moment where the Night/Day modus changes (white background changed to black background).
    Do anybody thinks it can be related?

    Best Regards

  3. I have had this problem from the moment I purchased iPad Pro 2018. Safari keeps giving me the “unable to reach the website” or something. Then I go into Chrome and try the same website, most of the time, I am able to reach the site. I would not mind using ios Chrome but Chrome doesn’t even fully support desktop mode, so it is a crap. I think Apple really needs to improve Safari. Deleting history, cookies, resetting network doesn’t help at all and even rebooting doesn’t seem to work. I tried factory resets but no longer do it because it doesn’t work. It is either a flaw in Safari or Google sabotaging Apple devices. My friends using Macbooks seem to be having the same problem

  4. I have a iPad Pro and it keeps getting stuck while I’m in my apps. And Sometimes I can’t even close the apps I paid so much money on this iPad Pro I keep force restarting the iPad Pro but it keeps doing the same thing

    1. I have had the same problem for about a year… a 2nd gen iPad Pro 12.9. I tried everything on the help. I started going to settings and just tried turning off various features just desperately hoping something would. Something finally did. When I set notification previews to NEVER, it seems to have done the trick. Give it a try… maybe it’ll work for someone else too! It was driving me nuts!

        1. I have a new IPad Air and it has been freezing since new. Made lots of call to Apple and nothing worked. Tried this tip and it appears to have resolved the problem. Thank you.

  5. I have two iPads. I bought them at the same time. One of them has to be restarted every day because apps freeze and restarting it temporarily fixes the problem. The other iPad has zero problems. Same Wi-Fi, same age (about 2 years), same updates. It’s like having two identical cars but one is a lemon.

  6. I restart 20+ times a day as it freezes constantly.
    Have brought in for repair and all tests say no problem…

    Never have more than 3-4 apps or windows open, plenty of storage. No specific app seems to be culprit. Baffled and frustrated. Especially as we are stuck at home for months and my computer is in another city…GRRR Apple get it together.

    1. If I get stuck in an app that has frozen and the Home Button won’t let me exit the app, I found a way to unfreeze the iPad without a restart using Siri. I haven’t seen this anywhere on the Web, I’ve never seen it on any list of Siri commands. I just tried it, and it works every time.
      If pressing the Home button gives no response and your app is frozen, if you hold down the Home button Siri will come up (if that doesn’t happen then you really are stuck and this won’t work. You’ll need to restart.)
      But if Siri does come up and asks how she can help you, just say, “Clear memory”. Siri will close and bring you back to your Home Screen and out of your app. You can then close the frozen app from the app list that comes up when you double click the now-working Home button. It has worked for me every time that the iPad froze due to low memory conditions or a simply crashed app.
      As I said, I haven’t seen this anywhere, I believe myself to be the discover of a previously unknown Siri command! Hope it works for you.

  7. So detailed guide to fix frozen iPad, if all tips above don’t work, you can use Eelphone iOS System Repair to fix a frozen iPad.

  8. These tips are for iPads with basic to zero problems and does not address the real problem.
    I’m on my 3rd IPad Pro because after 3-5 months the screen starts freezing and keys stop working. The problem is intermittent as it comes and goes but gets more frequent over time. So far none of the options listed here have any effect on this problem and Apple hasn’t addressed to my knowledge but 1000s of owners have reported this to Apple and there complaints are in the forum.
    It’s no secret Apple has had issues in the last decade or so. I had an iPhone 6 Plus that seemed to be possessed. It would hit keys on its own, turn on YouTube in the middle of the night, send text to my contacts that made no sense u til it was completely un useable. I lost money on it and then eventually Apple recognized the issue.
    So now I’m in the same boat.
    I’m happy with Apple for the most part but horribly dissatisfied with the software issues and lack of compliance.
    This iPad will likely be my last Apple product seeing as how they seem to have issues more frequently and affecting more devices.

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