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  1. I iPhone 8 and iPad finally seem to be synchro up, but the downloading messages from iCloud bar shows at the bottom of each and has NO PROGRESS whatsoever.
    I used your methods and I’m not sure what the issue is.
    Every time I toggle iCloud messages off and back on it goes back to the same empty status bar…

  2. I accidentally deleted a important message thread and have tried everything to get it back. Any suggestions on what I can do to get it back?

  3. I’ve had the same issue and contacted Apple. They now have engineers on the problem as they are equally as puzzled

    1. Thank you for contacting them. I am having the same issue with a new iPad. I have one iPhone X and four iPads of various sizes and ages. I did not have this problem when I added any of those. The messages all downloaded from the cloud seamlessly on them.

  4. I signed out of iCloud and did the enabling messages step and when I signed into iCloud again it said that messages could not be backed up because the iclouds were not the same

  5. Your instructions for 6.2 for a MacBook should say choose Message>Preferences… to open the Preferences dialog box. Then click the iMessage tab and uncheck Enable Messages in iCloud. In the Disable Messages in iCloud? dialog box click Disable All. Next click the Enable Messages in iCloud checkbox again, and then click the Sync Now button.

  6. The bat showing downloading messages disappear after following all the steps you wrote nothing happens. Messages are not still syncing.

  7. I was transferring my messages from iPhone 8 to iPhone 11. My Apple ID is logged into 2 laptops, 1 iPad, 1 Apple Watch and both iPhones. I followed the steps and only logged out of 1 laptop and both phones. I logged back into the laptop and iPhone 11. ALL the messages and up to date are appearing on the iPhone 11. SO IT DOES WORK!

  8. I just turned off the iMessage on my iCloud storage and turned it back on now it’s Telling me that the iMessages are downloading messages from my iCloud

  9. Thanks.
    A week after getting a new iPhone,
    continuous ‘downloading’ started
    on my MBP.

    Your technique worked.Bob

  10. I just got an XR and the “downloading messages” never appears so does not seem to be syncing. I have not had any issues with my old iPhone 6, iMac or iPad. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Any suggestions?

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