How To Enable Safari Favicon In macOS and iOS

A favicon (favorite icon) is a small icon that visualizes a website’s main purpose or identity in one little image. For example, this can be a tiny version of a website’s logo. Browsers, like Safari, may display a website’s favicon in the browser’s address bar. Safari provides favicon support.

Safari Favicons

A lot of people find favicons useful because they make tabs more visually recognizable.

This article explains how you can show favicons in Safari on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. By default, favicons are disabled, so if you want to see favicons, it must be enabled on Mac or on iOS devices.

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1. Open Safari on your Mac

2. Click Safari and Preferences

Safari Preferences

3. Click Tabs

4. And Check the “Show website icons in tabs” box.

Safari Tabs Favicons

5. Close the Preferences window.

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iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

1. On your iOS device, tap Settings

2. Tab Safari

3. Scroll down and find the Tabs section.

4. And turn on “Show Icons In Tabs”

Show icons in tabs

Now, you will see website icons in tabs when you use tabs for webpages in Safari on your machine next time.

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