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  1. Apple support has a repair program that will fix the issue for free just contact support and they just send you information on where the authorized retailers are (usually a Best Buy) Then they make you an appointment for you to bring it in to be fixed. iPhone 7’s have a hardware problem and it’s certain models that they are fixing for free. The information is on the Apple website under support “iPhone 7repair program for no service, cellular update failed “

  2. Only temporary fixes. Removing the SIM card and resetting the network settings work but don’t last. This is so frustrating!

    1. I am having the same issue. It says “Error” next to cellular under settings, and “not available” under settings>general>about. Verizon says they can’t update the settings and I’ve tried everything with no success

      1. I’ve had this problem sporadically for the past 3 months. Each time that I’ve gone to Verizon they just try to sell me a new phone. If you have an IPhone make an appointment with the Genius Bar to take your phone in to the Apple Store for repair. Nearest Apple Store for me is 90 miles away. I chatted online with a tech at the Apple Support website & they made arrangements for me to send it in for repair.

    1. were you able to solve the probem? im having the same issue just yesterday. it’s very frustrated. it happrned after i decided to upgrade the apple software since a couple of my app were keep crashing. let me know if you’re able to fix it and how? Thanks!

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