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  1. I was in a group message with my family, I left the conversation because I did not want to take part in the discussion or read any comments. If I left the conversation, will I be able to see future messages? How can I add myself back into the group?

  2. Apple needs to have an option for users to “leave the conversation” other than just “turn off notifications” because the only other way to stop receiving group texts is to block people and we may not want to completely block someone. It’s almost 2021, elections are stolen, fake EDD cards with balances of 10’s of thousands of $ are made and Apple (a prominent tech firm) hasn’t figured this out yet?

  3. I disabled group conversations in my settings, now I receive the messages individually from each person as they post to the group conversation. I put the group on silent, but there are individuals in the group with nothing else to do but text nonsense all day. This is so annoying and needs to be fixed immediately!!!! I literally woke up to 75 messages talking about absolutely nothing!!!!!

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