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  1. It was a corrupt profile (step 5).
    Thank you so much for the thorough instructions.
    Repairing the profile took a worrisome amount of time (20 minutes) but I guess that was normal given the amount of mail I had.
    Your advice was was so, so helpful.

  2. Thank goodness you exist. I’ve spent hours deleting and reinstalling and rebooting, etc. Thank you so much!!!

  3. Step 5 worked for me after Outlook wouldn’t work after I used Migration Assistant to copy a Time Machine backup of a MacBook to a new Mac Mini M1. I don’t know where the profile got messed up when backed up to Time Machine during the migration or just because it was a new version of Outlook running on Apple Silicon. Anyway all fixed now. What did we do before Google?

  4. Hi, I’ve tried all those step, created the new profile didn’t sort the issue out, but I created anyway, then follow the step above, it didn’t pop up the message to allow me rebuild, repair instead, but outlook still doesn’t work. mine is macOS Catalina 10.15.7 Please help.

  5. please help, tried all the step, didn’t work. pop up microsoft error reporting, mine is macOS catalina version 10.15.7

  6. Seems to be working , just waiting for repair to run through. A query. What do you do with the SQLLITE file that’s now on the desktop? Can it be binned? Or just leave it out of the way on desktop? Many thanks, v clear instructions .

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