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  1. I am trying to prepare my damaged Iphone 11 to return to Apple after receiving my new phone. In the prepare to return instructions, I am to “remove my Iphone from the Apple ID device list”. But I can not follow the above instructions. When I went to the device info. it only shows my iphone model, version, phone #, serial # & IMEI. It does not allow me to “TAP” on any, not recognizing the tap, so no “remove from account” option.
    What do I do now?

  2. These instructions don’t cover all scenarios. I have an Apple music account and I access Apple music from a number of devices including my Android phone. When I purchased a new Android phone recently I tried using Apple music from that new phone but I noticed that for some features (Specifically – I tried downloading songs to the phone’s memory) I was given a message to say that I have too many devices associated with my account and I should remove one or more devices in order to download songs to this new phone. Not a problem as I can happily remove my outgoing Android phone. Problem is that the list of connected devices shown using the method in this article does not include my Android phones.

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