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  1. My Cisco VPN software was preventing AirDrop on my laptop to receive anything. The moment I disconnected, it immediately dumped multiple copies (since I tried it multiple times).

    1. You just saved my life. I all lost returned my brand new MacBook before I saw this comment and disabled my VPN. Airdrop worked instantly as soon as I did. Thank you very much.

      1. Thanks Bryan. You’re right. I’ve been using the Cisco VPN for a year and didn’t know that it was the cause. I turned the VPN off, closed out of the program that I was using to share, restarted it in 30 seconds, then tried to use AirDrop again and it worked. Headache remedied!

    2. THANK YOU for your comment. For years I thought this was due to my iPhone 7 and it would sometimes work but I could not pin point how. I gave up trying to figure it out. Now I have an iPhone 12 pro and same issue…finally spent some time trying to google search my way through solutions and this is what fixed it! TURN OFF THE VPN AND BOOM!!

  2. My MacAir does not give me the option to select discoverable by. I can’t click on anything to change setting. Please assist with this issue.

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