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  1. I don’t have an apple device. But I setup my Apple ID through the website so I could watch mlb Friday night free. I seem to be in a loop. I set my ID up on a pc. Verification codes went well. Then on the TV, I did the scan which had me log in and enter the code my phone got. Then I had to enter the TV (device) code. (I also tried the code from my phone but that got an error.) That is when the loop started. I re-signed in, re-entered my password, new code, device code, repeat…. What am I doing wrong?

  2. I was trying to create an apple ID on my iPhone but then it keep saying “verification failed”.What should I do then?

  3. I’ve got questions: why Iranian people can’t create an app id ? Why the name of “Iran” doesn’t exist in your list? Alright Iran is under sanctions because of our tyrant regime but people of my country bought your products and they expect to use these services for their iPhone phones.😐

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