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  1. We are having this problem too. After upgrading to Mail 15 (Monterey) Mail seems to not want to display images hosted with some hosting companies. Hostmonster/Hostgator in our case. That’s why some emails are good and some are not.

    In Mail 14 (Big Sur) everything is fine, in 15 and 16 the images don’t load. Apple blames the hosting company, the host blames Apple. Since the images display in every other mail app/client this seems to be a bug on Apples side.

    Apple support had no idea though.

    I thought it could be an SSL issue at the webhost, but I changed the SSL and the images loading in Apple Mail.

    This also happens in the latest iOS Mail app.

    I’ve seen a few others in the Apple forums with the same problem
    Has anybody has found a solution?

  2. YES mine have a “?” where graphics should be. From orders placed with a vendor that I have used for years. I recently uploaded macOS Monterey 12.5 which is affective new emails and also the ones I have saved on my mac.

  3. Pleased to read the post from Greg McLaren… I have looked for the privacy tab too but there isn’t one on my desktop mac.
    I have always had Load Remote Content enabled yet the images from a sender suddenly stopped loading as of yesterday and I need those images.
    They are loading on webmail but not coming through to mac mail which is the one prefer to use.
    They are images from a local NZ online auction site which I have used for years.

  4. My MacMail Preferences doesn’t have a Privacy tab.

    Under the View tab is “Display remote images in HTML messages.” Whether or not this is checked makes no difference.

    Many messages do show images; some do not, always from the same senders. Sometimes the images will flash on for a fraction of a second when the e-mail is opened, then they disappear and are replaced by a box with “?” in the middle.

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