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  1. YES mine have a “?” where graphics should be. From orders placed with a vendor that I have used for years. I recently uploaded macOS Monterey 12.5 which is affective new emails and also the ones I have saved on my mac.

  2. Pleased to read the post from Greg McLaren… I have looked for the privacy tab too but there isn’t one on my desktop mac.
    I have always had Load Remote Content enabled yet the images from a sender suddenly stopped loading as of yesterday and I need those images.
    They are loading on webmail but not coming through to mac mail which is the one prefer to use.
    They are images from a local NZ online auction site which I have used for years.

  3. My MacMail Preferences doesn’t have a Privacy tab.

    Under the View tab is “Display remote images in HTML messages.” Whether or not this is checked makes no difference.

    Many messages do show images; some do not, always from the same senders. Sometimes the images will flash on for a fraction of a second when the e-mail is opened, then they disappear and are replaced by a box with “?” in the middle.

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