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  1. It is not working,friend.
    My iPad and my iPhone can send photos without a problem and I can see it and confirmed it on both of my MAC (mini 1 and 2) but I cannot send it from the MAC mini (High sierra)
    however I can send it from the MAC mini 2 (Mavericks 10.9.5)
    So it is to me clear that is the problem (bug) of Apple’s High Sierra, do you agree?

    1. I seems like there is a bug with the new updated version of IOs. When you attached picture or vids on your imessage with out “send” and lock the cellphone these picture will desappered. If you have your apple account shared in other device for some reason it seems as “delivered”. According to these problems were reported early when the version 10.1 came out. They also seem to have issues with the new future of Face Characters. Some times they do not delivered as a result of high data and IPm componenet of the audio and video. The new updated IOs 10.2 will have a new updated version of the character interface and will fix the bug resporter by many user.

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