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  1. I’ve done all the easy stupid obvious stuff.
    It works on my iPad Pro, two different IPhone XS MAX’s and other iOS devices.

    Except one iPad.
    It works in the Apple TV app!
    But not in the control center drop down quick remote. It will find it most the time. I hit choose Apple TV:
    Family Room it try’s to connect but goes back to choose Apple TV.

    I’ve deleted the control app button, re-enabled or just put it back on the control screen.

    I went into the Apple TV (app) > devices > edit at the top right, then the delete button. And reconnected it with no success.

    Any ideas? I think it’s a mini gen 3 iPad

  2. I recently bought a new router (Asus RT-AC86U) and as I soon I installed it at home, my Apple TV App Controller stopped working, as well as the LG App Controller for my TV. Both worked fine with my previous router so it was clearly a network issue.

    After doing some investigation everything started to work again after I turned on “Multicast Routing”. In the Asus router admin screen go to “LAN > IPTV”.

  3. An annoying but working “fix” is to use screen mirroring for the Apple TV you want. It creates the connection. Stop mirroring. And now it’s online in the remote app.

    1. Best advice on here was from Mari. Thanks 😊 the screen mirror is the fastest way to resync without having to power cycle and all that.

  4. After trying all of the “simple” and “easy” steps recommended here and elsewhere targeted to first-time users, many of them repeated across multiple forums, this is what worked for me. I was almost ready to install a cutoff switch on the Apple TV power cable to make it easier to reset the box but I know now that resetting Apple TV has no effect on this problem, at least not for me. I’m a long-time daily Apple TV user and have been settled into it for more than a decade now. I know when it has a problem all its own and when it doesn’t.

    * Have Apple TV up and running so that you can try to connect to it. If it won’t come on, remove power for 6+ seconds as directed elsewhere and then restore power and give it 3-5 minutes to finish rebooting.
    * In iOS, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and turn off Wi-Fi.
    * Close and re-open the Remote app and try to connect with Apple TV. This will fail of course because the app uses Wi-Fi but leave it hanging there and proceed to the next step.
    * Back in iOS, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and turn it back on.
    * Switch back to the Remote app. Close and reopen it and maybe it will connect.

    Bottom line: Apple TV, its Remote app and their use cases have fallen into neglect at Apple. The same thing happened a while back to the MacOS Contacts app. They move people around and apps get forgotten. Apparently the engineers don’t even use their own apps. It’s easy to know this because if they did then they’d have fixed them long ago.

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