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  1. Mojave is such a royal ……. I am starting to believe that it is used by Apple to slow older machines (read …..) and kill battery life in order to force new sales. I am so disgusted. It has instantly reduced my machine’s productivity by at least 30% at a time where I am doing time sensitive work. I did it because of the irritating update constantly appearing. I trusted that Apple was doing it for my benefit as always before. … got me hooked with all my 11 devices now abusing their power. The tide will turn!!! Hope it does so fast

    1. I jumped from Mountain Lion 10.8.5 to Mojave 10.14.5 because my 2012 mid-year 8GB RAM machine was killed by Mavericks and I never went forward. Now my Battery is draining when I simply have Mozilla Firefox 68 running (and not even doing anything). I get probably 4-5 hours when I used to get 10. My Battery Health app says I am operating at 83% and calls that ‘good’. I was trying to figure out how to drop the cycle count down to perhaps improve things but could not find any information on it. I have literally put into place very “fix” or “system preferences” setting provided, even when some of the screen shots do not match what I’m seeing in Mojave 10.14.5. I have second machine that was refurbished so that it would have a 1TB internal drive; that machine is also 2012 mid-year but has 16GB memory and came with Sierra installed. I’ve not move to High Sierra nor Mojave on it based on what Mojave is doing to this computer. I know the battery is still ‘good’ and does not need to be replaced but this is ridiculous.

  2. The same issue on my Air. The battery is draining very fast, EVEN in standby mode (the laptop is closed and not used). Did not have such a problem on El Capitaine. I really regret having upgraded to Mojave and too lazy to downgrade back…

  3. I found that Messages is a huge drain and often leads to “120%” energy use (if that’s even possible…) Strangely however, it’s not always the case as it never used to be. Mac OS is really very buggy and it feels like Apple isn’t really paying attention to it.

  4. Lets see if Apple will come out with a solution to this flaw. As I see it, what is the point of having all these features BUT we need to switch it off just to save battery power. Its like buying a superbike but only can ride up to 20mph. Silly Apple.

  5. The OP here is incorrect. The suggestions do not solve the problem. It is an Apple problem. I will revert to High Sierra until this is solved.

      1. Yes, reverting back to High Sierra means formatting the mac so you will loose you data. Do a backup before downgrading.

  6. I have just discovered that a massive battery haemorrhage is caused by leaving Dictionary on.
    This setting is now found under Keyboard in System Preferences. Particularly bad with my new 2018 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and macOS 10.14.1 & 10.14.2. Leaving it on literally halves battery life.

      1. Cmd+Space to open Spotlight
        Type “System Preferences” and open it.
        Click “Keyboard”

        I can’t find anything about “Dictionary” though, aside from There is “Correct spelling automatically” under the Text tab, and the Dictation feature under the Dictation tab. I’m trying out disabling Dictation for now since I never use it, but I would like to correct spelling automatically. If that’s the Dictionary, I’d like to keep it on but I don’t really make spelling mistakes anyway so I don’t need it either. Hope one of these works! My battery lasts only half as long while in use compared to before Mojave, and I don’t want to go through downgrading.

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