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  1. I thought the purpose of blocking a persons email was so that we didn’t have to see it! So why am I seeing it? Little hand is at the top right! Makes no sense to me at all…
    I blocked a phone number and I don’t get phone calls from that number, but I block an email and I get emails!

  2. If we can send people to the moon, IT should be able to honor our request to block disgusting Emails and send them directly to trash. This is ridiculous to continue to allow emails through and just put a red hand on it. If you can put the red hand on it, they should be able to send those disgusting emails to trash!!!!!!!

  3. I have the same problem. Blocked sender emails, marked with a red hand, still reach my inbox, although rule is defined sending them to spam.

    1. I agree!!!
      I don’t have problem with this person. But somehow her email is similar to mine and she’s from London.. I get all her QVC confirmations and her Hermès delivery confirmations. Drives me insane and cannot get them to stop!

      Just had to vent…. and this lady doesn’t seem to realize she’s N.E. we gotten the first confirmation for any of her many orders!!😂

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