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  1. I have created many projects in Imovie on my Iphone. Always before I have been able to upload these projects to Youtube by tapping the Share box and then selecting youtube from the menu choices. Now youtube is no longer listed as a upload choice. Instead, i get Airdrop, Notes, Messages, Mail, Chrome and a few others along with More. (youtube not in More either) but no youtube option. I do have youtube app on the phone. I did verify that my youtube account is active and verified. I am signed into youtube. I would like to figure out how to get the youtube upload option back on my Iphone.

  2. I am uploading a video and it has the error uploading video message. When I click on the three dots, the only option is to delete video. It did say that I was running out of space so I deleted all videos and pictures from the ipad and there is no change.

    1. be on the youtube channel that you want to upload to by switching youtube accounts in settings on youtube.

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