App Store: Unable to Download App? Fix

Yesterday, I tried to download two apps from the App Store. The apps were Google Drive and Google Docs. Although I was able to install Google Drive without any problems, I could not download Google Docs as I was receiving a strange error message saying: “Unable to Download App. “Google Docs” could not be downloaded … Read more

iCloud: Some Files Were Unavailable Error, Fix

Some users have reported that they are unable to make backups with iCloud. Users have stated that they are receiving an error about files being unavailable. More specifically iOS users claim that they see an alert message saying “some files were unavailable during the last backup”. Using iCloud as a backup location, Apple’s cloud storage service, … Read more

iPhone Black Screen, Fix

Last night I used my iPhone then placed it on my desk. After a few minutes, I wanted to use my phone some more. But I noticed that my device’s screen was black and unresponsive even though the phone looked like it was on and working. It was ringing when I received calls. This article … Read more

iPhone / iPad: Apps Not Responding, Fix

If an app on your iPhone or iPad is not working as expected, one of the troubleshooting tips below may help you fix the issue. Common ‘iOS app is not working‘ issues: an app won’t open an app won’t respond an app is crashing In general, iOS works smoothly, however sometimes, you may face issues like app … Read more

iOS: Unable to Join Hidden Wi-Fi Networks Automatically

Does your iPhone or iPad fail to connect to your hidden Wi-Fi connection automatically? Several users have reported that their iOS devices do not remember hidden Wi-Fi connections, meaning their iOS devices are not able to automatically re-connect to a hidden Wi-Fi, forcing users to re-enter their passwords and network names. See also: iPhone Keeps Saying Incorrect Wi-Fi Password (But … Read more

Maps: ‘Show Parked Car Location’ Not Working? Fix

Apple Maps will remember where you parked your car, thanks to iOS 10. This new iOS feature ensures that you never forget where you last parked your car. Maps will show this via CarPlay or Bluetooth. You will probably find very useful when you need to park your vehicle in a large city that you are unfamiliar … Read more

iOS 10: Black Screen With Spinning Wheel, Fix

With the release of iOS 10, many users have reported black screen problems. Users specifically say that their iOS devices become unresponsive and show a black screen with a spinning circle. If your iOS device (iPad or iPhone) experiences a black screen with the spinning wheel that does not go away after upgrading to iOS 10, … Read more

iOS10 Message Alerts Not Working? Fix

Several iPad and iPhone users have reported that they are experiencing SMS and iMessage notification problems after upgrading their devices to iOS 10. It seems that several users are affected by this problem. See also: iOS 14 Text Notification Not Working, Fix When you receive a new message, your iPhone or iPad can alert you with … Read more

iMessage Won’t Send Pictures, Fix

Are you trying to send pictures through iMessage on iPhone and iPad but your idevice won’t send them? The difference between iMessage and regular text messages is iMessages can be sent to iOS devices and Macs. You can use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to send messages as iMessage or SMS. You can send text or … Read more