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  1. Trying to download a free App from App Store that I had deleted & get message ‘the iTunes Store is unable to process purchases at this time try again later. Apple support tell me it’s because I don’t have a payment method – it’s set to ‘none’ as has been for years. So why is this suddenly a problem.

  2. I just tried to purchase a Twilight Zone episode and it prompted me for my password twice even though I used the right password, then it displayed a full login information screen for a second, then it went blank. Then it showed the money had been spent, but the episode wasn’t there. I left iTunes and came back and the money was back.

  3. By verifying and checking the Apple ID in use is as same as in the iTunes and App Store can help you to fix this Your Purchase Could Not Be Completed check your transaction history iTunes fix problem issue from you altogether.

  4. I don’t know why I can’t buy anything on my apple store it keep saying purchase could not be completed contact iTunes Store

  5. Its really not fixing cause i purchase like ringtones and music but when i buy an app it will not work but when i bought like Octonauts game for my child it was working fine can someone help me

  6. I tried everything i even troed adding funds to my apple id still dont work i added my another credit card it wont still work trying everything and i just give up

    1. same here.. though i created a US itunes acc and linked my US paypal to it..
      paypal then asks for å credit card (added my Norwegian one since i dont have an American one) i think app store actually detects this upon buying pokecoins from pokemon go and then denies me >:(

  7. I can’t buy anything no matter what I do can u please get back to me ASAP!! It’s annoying going they this multiple times thank you

  8. I tried purchasing something inside a game is it said “attempting to restore purchase data” I tapped, then another box popped open saying “market payment details could not be verified”. I purchase from this game many times before and it now pops this up. i talked to apple tech support,they said nothing is wrong and they could not help me fix the problem and I contacted the game support and they just redirect me to apple after saying everything goes through apple. I’m wondering if its something to do with my phone. I’ve tried changing my card info to none trick. I’ve tried to shut down my phone and that didn’t work. I even reinstalled the app. I keep getting this message when i go into the game lobby and into the the game shop without even purchasing anything. if anyone knows how to fix this problem would be great.

  9. Where am I now ?
    How does posting here help?
    I have a new device . Trying to make a purchase in art of conquest . “Cannot be completed contact support”
    Yeah great an hour later and I still don’t know how to do that

  10. Getting exactly the same message,it’s mothi to do with accounts as I’ve tried 4 different accounts,even made a new one,seems like an issue with my iPad,called Apple,they have no idea,they insist it’s an Apple account issue but how can 5 accounts all get the same message on the one Ipad

  11. I have the same issue i can buy a app or a song but NO in game putchase i want to buy gems in clash of clans but it ceeps saying that stupit error “visit for help!! but i send a email end a week later (now) they still haven`t responded

    (btw im not Englisch so Sorry for bad Englisch)

  12. GG, Game players I have a Same issue. I contact Apple and they give me guide how to change ID, And how to change your credit card nothing happen, it’s just saying Purchase Could not c

  13. GG, Game players I have a Same issue. I contact Apple and they give me guide how to change ID, And how to change your credit card nothing happen, it’s just saying Purchase Could not be complete. For sake of God how could this happen.

  14. I get this message and I have follow everything to the tee. It still won’t let me make purchases now. Please help

  15. I have used 15$ in my game “Growtopia” and It just stole my money, I bought the gems and it says I have spent all 15 credits but no currency has arrived please If you can, Refund me as soon as possible.

  16. If you are playing a game on your phone and you get this message it has nothing to do with your credit card information. Apple just wants you to purchase a higher tier to continue playing the game. I selected .99 cents to keep playing my game and it was denied. Then I selected 4.99 for lives to play my game and it was denied. Then I selected the 9.99 option and it took it. Apple was wrong for this. They are forcing to pay more to keep playing. This was not a mistake on apple’s end. Not by a long shot. Along with the shotty charger they have.

    1. Wrong!

      I’m trying to purchase $159 on Game of War, it’s the biggest pack to buy and it’s coming up with this message.

  17. Same problem. I contacted the support then talk with them and after that they account was blocked. My apple ID was disabled. Annoying!

  18. I want to purchase something but it says I can’t but why? Already purchased niece now trying for the second time. Does anyone how to do that?

  19. I have tried buying clash of clans gems with MasterCard and I turned on all the stuff on settings and it still writes it. Do u have to wait a few minutes then do it or not
    If not what do I have to do

  20. Just got to say that this thread helped me sooooo much! I was unable to purchase anything for Clash Royale, until I contacted the support from the links above. They solved my problem in minutes. Definitely just give contacting them a chance

  21. Unfortunatley I CAN purchase from the store itself. I CAN buy a song, I CAN buy an app what I CANNOT do is buy within the app….

    Your article is crap

    1. Just because it doesn’t help you doesn’t mean you should make a bad remark of it. You’re not using your common sense. Please use it the next time an article doesn’t help you.

      1. We had the same exact issue and called…not email…the iTunes support hit some magical button and it was fixed in minutes…after troubleshooting for a total of 2 hours. It’s worth calling! They were really nice, too.

  22. Hello.
    I have the same problem but its only for one application, if i want to but any other application it works like a butter smooth. Do any one else have the same issue. If yes then please help me to resolve this one.

        1. Idk… Its happened only in the game. Like me, when I tried to buy some bundle in the game. stuck!
          I did some test, I just bought a song, and its working.

    1. Hi ,
      This is pretty simple just follow the steps and visit
      and call someone from Apple to help you, you tell them your problem,
      and they will fix it very fast and easy !!!
      I’m so happy I found this , and followed the steps! 😀

      kind regards

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