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  1. This suggestion doesn’t work. When we try to erase the phone it requires our opening passcaode and THEN asks for the stupid screen time passcode too. So we can’t erase the phone without hte screen time pass code

  2. –Reset password–
    Below iOS 13: Download pinfinder on a computer, back up your device, and follow the instructions.
    iOS 13 and above: Back up the device, erase it, and then restore it from the backup. *iOS 13 does not include the screen time password in the backup, so that’s why this works

  3. I know, this is useless. I forgot the screen time password and there is no “forgot password” thing like there should be.

  4. You cant just guess passcodes because if you 10 failed attempts you have to wait 60 minutes for the next attempt. THis article is useless!!!!!!!!!!!

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