YouTube Search Not Working on Apple TV

I started having this problem recently. My problem was that the YouTube app search results looked wrong when I wanted to find specific videos. In this article, I explain what you can do when you get unexpected results while searching YouTube on your Apple TV. If you think that your search results do not seem … Read more

How to Fix HDCP Error on Apple TV

Sometimes, Apple TV users may see an error like: This content requires HDCP for playback This video can’t be played Oh no error such as Oh no! Something went wrong (you may see this especially if you are trying to use AirPlay) This can be something you see right after connecting up all your components … Read more

Could not Connect to “Apple TV”, Fix

Several users have said that they see an error message saying “could not connect to “Apple TV name” when trying to AirPlay content or videos on the iOS, iPadOS device, or Mac to the Apple TV. Several users who reported this problem attempt to start video playback on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac to watch … Read more

Apple TV Keeps Going to Main Menu, Fix

Several users have said that the Apple TV keeps going back to the main menu. In other words, users are interrupted for no apparent reasons while trying to watch and stream movies, watch TV, or play games and songs. The main menu is the Apple TV’s Home Screen that provides access to apps and settings. … Read more