How To Find Your Missing Apple Watch

In this article, I explain how you can find your lost Apple Watch. I often misplace my watch and this is how I locate my watch easily. Losing your watch can be stressful. But do not worry, Apple’s built-in tools let you track your device with ease. If you are an Apple Watch user, there … Read more

Apple Watch Is Stuck On The Apple Logo

This article explains how you can fix if your Apple Watch is unresponsive and displays the Apple logo on your screen for more than one hour. The Apple logo may be flashing (appears and disappears and reappears again). This may mean that your watch can’t complete the boot-up process. There could be several reasons for … Read more

Apple Watch Shuts Down While Exercising

Several users have reported that the Apple Watch shuts down without warning while exercising. Your Apple Watch lets you track your exercise with the Workout app. There are several types of workouts you may do, such as walking, running, swimming, or hiking. If your watch shuts down itself in the middle of your exercise session, … Read more

Exercise Ring Is Not Working, Fix

This article explains what you can do to fix when the Exercise ring of the Activity app on your Apple Watch is not working as expected. Some users have stated that sometimes they do not earn exercise credit when they should. For example, some user has said that the exercise ring does not update or … Read more

My Apple Watch Won’t Turn On, Fix

Force restart your watch

It can be very bad if your Apple Watch won’t turn on. You watch may look dead, the screen is black and buttons do not seem to be working. Do not panic. The good news is that most of the time, it’s not difficult to get your watch working again. This article explains what you can do when … Read more