FaceTime Poor Connection Error on iPhone, iPad or Mac

FaceTime is Apple’s videotelephony service. You can use FaceTime to make audio or video calls from your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. A lot of users use FaceTime frequently. It appears that some users are experiencing problems with the quality of their FaceTime calls? Users are saying that they have blurry streaming videos, heavily pixelated content, frozen … Read more

FaceTime Black Screen On Mac, Fix

This article explains how you can fix the FaceTime black screen problem on your Mac. This is an important problem that you should resolve quickly because if your FaceTime calls are only a black screen, then FaceTime will become useless. If you only see a black or blank screen and nothing else instead of the regular … Read more

FaceTime Call Won’t End? Fix

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FaceTime Green Screen on iPad, iPhone or Mac; Fix

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6 FaceTime Calling Issues and Their Fixes

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