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  1. Been through all the steps above. Preferences is greyed out for me. My AppleID seems fine and has multiple reachable emails and numbers that work.
    Moved to Skype. And Zoom.

  2. I had to contact Apple Support, and the rep did something to my account to bless it once again. It may have been inadvertently reported as a spam account.

  3. Laura, I’m having the same issue I am very distressed to find out that you have not received any comments to help because you are absolutely correct – it is not working someone please help. Laura, if you’re out there please tell me if you figured it out. I hate technology.

  4. Hello!
    I recently changed my apple id password, so I would like to try the last solution, since the others I tried as well. Thing is, I cannot access FaceTime > Preferences, it’s like, unavailable to click.
    Dunno what else to do.

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