Mac: This Item Is Temporarily Unavailable. Please Try Again Later; Fix

Several users have reported an issue in which they receive the following error message while trying to install / reinstall macOS (or OS X) on their Mac devices: “This item is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later”. Users have further reported that they get this error after entering the Apple ID. Are you having this problem? … Read more

Cannot Send or Receive Messages on Your Mac? Fix

Several users have reported that they are unable to send and /or receive text messages and iMessages on Mac. This article explains how you can troubleshoot this issue. See also: iMessage Won’t Send Pictures Users report that when they attempt to send a message, they see a little red exclamation mark symbol next to my message, … Read more

Is Your Mac Freezing? Safari Might Be The Cause

A lot of users are complaining about Safari, saying it’s causing freezing issues. By freezing, it is meant that your Mac is completely unresponsive. It seems that Safari causes the entire macOS system to lock up. You may be experiencing some of  the following symptoms: Scrolling a webpage in Safari causes your Mac to freeze. The keyboard does not … Read more

How To Disable Auto-Play Videos in Safari – macOS

You open Safari to browse the Internet. You visit a web site and want to read an interesting article, you are very happy but while the website is loading, you hear something, someone is talking, because a video has automatically started playing without your permission. Some websites (e.g., CNET) do this so a video or audio … Read more

Mac Black Screen, Fix

Yesterday I wanted to upgrade my Mac to the newest macOS, macOS Sierra. After the update, my Mac restarted, however, the computer booted to a black screen.  The dark screen had an active white cursor. This article explains how I fixed this problem. I was investigating this issue and I realized that many users were having this problem. Some … Read more

Change Mac Screenshot Locations

I take a lot of screenshots while I use my Mac. You can see some of them here. Most of my articles include my screenshots. By default, the screenshots you take are saved on your desktop as .png files. You can easily take a screenshot without the need to download/install any third party software. There are a … Read more

How To Reinstall Mac OS on Your Mac

You Mac does not work as well as it used to? Reinstalling Mac OS can be one of the easiest ways to fix problems on your Mac. It is not a difficult process and it does not erase your data. See also: Mac Won’t Turn On? Important: !!It’s a very good idea to back up your files … Read more