What Does Pinning a Tab Do in Safari?

The ability to pin a tab in Safari is not a new feature, but it may be one that you have never used. Mac users may be wondering what pinning a tab is all about: What does it do? Why would you want to pin a tab? Users also have other questions about pinning Safari … Read more

How to Change your Safari AutoFill Data

Safari has a built-in auto-fill tool. This lets you fill out forms easily. Your name, passwords, address or credit cards can be filled in for you. However, sometimes you may need to update or edit your data. For example, if you move to a new address, it would be annoying to see your old address … Read more

Videos Show Black Screen in Safari on iPhone

Some users have reported that they are unable to play videos in Safari. They have said that the video player shows a black screen instead of the video content itself. Further, they have said that even though they are unable to see the video, they can hear the sound. It seems that the video is … Read more

How to Use Safari Tabs on Mac

In this article, I will talk about how Safari tabs work and how to optimize your settings so that you can maximize your browsing experience. As most people know, Safari tabs allow you to have multiple web pages at the same time in the same Safari window, this way, your desktop will not be cluttered … Read more