Google Doc Says Too Many Redirects, Fix

Several users have reported that they are unable to view and open Google Docs files when they go to using Safari. The error message says: Safari can’t open the page. Too many redirects occurred trying to open “Good Docs URL”. This might occur if you open a page that is redirected to open another … Read more

Links are not Working in Safari on Mac, Fix

Safari links

This article explains what you can do if you are unable to open website links in Safari on your Mac. Ideally, any links you click will open. However, sometimes, you may experience an issue where nothing happens when a link is clicked. And if you cannot open websites by clicking links, you will not be … Read more

How to Protect your Data and your Privacy on Mac

macOS comes with many built in features that can help you keep your data safe, protect your privacy and even help you find your Mac if it becomes lost or stolen. Many of these features simply require you to enable them, and after that, they will be working in the background to protect your data … Read more

How to Reset “Never for This Website”

This article explains how you can reset the “Never for This Website” setting that you may use with autofill in Safari. This is the way to remove a website’s password from Safari’s ‘Never Save’ password list so that you can store the password again. When you visit a website with Safari and sign in with … Read more

How to Use Split View in Safari on iPad

The Split View feature allows you to see two websites at the same time on your iPad. This article explains how you can use this feature to split your iPad screen so that you can see two Safari browser windows side by side. By using, I mean that how you can: enter and exit Split … Read more