How to Open Multiple Safari Windows on iPad

You may already know that you can use Safari, and many other apps, in Split Screen (Apple calls it Split View) on iPad. As an iPad Safari user, you also surely know about opening new tabs in the same Safari window. However, if you are like me, you may like to have many things open … Read more

Safari Says No Space Left on Device, How to Fix

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Safari is Crashing on macOS Monterey, Fix

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How to Change your Default Search Engine on iPhone

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How to Inspect Element in Safari

You can use the Inspect Element feature to view and manipulate a website’s front-end. Web developers, designers, or marketers often need to inspect web elements to debug elements, conduct layout tests, or do CSS editing like fonts, colors, etc. This article explains how to inspect web elements on the Safari browser on your Mac. The … Read more

How to enable Cookies on iPhone

Some users may be wondering how to enable cookies on their iPhones. Different people have different thoughts on whether or not having cookies enabled is an important security/privacy risk. Some websites have functions that depend on cookies, and so will require them to be enabled. Browsers vary in their customizability when it comes to cookies. … Read more