Safari Visited Links Not Changing Color? Fix

Several users have reported that Safari do not change color for visited hyperlinks. Likewise, some users have further stated that Safari visited links no longer change color only on Google search results pages. This means that visited links are treated as never visited. Google (and Bing) mark results you visited as purple, while the default link color … Read more

How To Block or Allow Pop-Ups On Your Mac

This article explains how you can block or allow pop-up window ads on your Mac. Generally, pop-ups are forms of advertising. The good news is that you can easily configure your Safari browser to allow or block pop-up windows. How to block pop-ups in Safari Pop-ups are annoying. They are unwanted. Sometimes they may slow … Read more

Safari Says: Not Secure. What Does It Mean?

On your iPad, iPhone or Mac, Safari may show a “Not Secure” warning message in the address bar when visiting some websites, indicating that you are visiting an insecure web page. So, what does that warning message mean, and should you visit a web site if Safari says “Not Secure”? The short answer is that Safari labels … Read more

How To Remove Malware (macOS) is malware or malicious software. It is basically a program that can hurt your Mac. This particular malware is a fake search engine ( It may look innocent but we records your activity without your permission. On your computer, is probably installed via a fake Adobe Flash update. A fake Adobe Flash … Read more

How To See The Full Web Site Address In Safari URL Bar

By default, macOS Safari only shows the domain name of the web site you are viewing. It does not show the full, complete url. For instance, when you visit, Safari’s address bar will only show, as you can see below: You may want to change this setting for various reasons. For instance, you may … Read more

iOS: Gmail Won’t Load, Blank Page, Fix

Sometimes, I experience this problem. I use the web version of Gmail. To check my emails, on my iPad or iPhone, I open Safari and go to However, sometimes, Safari displays a blank white page and I can’t load Gmail. I find this situation frustrating not be able to check your emails. Is Gmail … Read more

How To Disable Auto-Play Videos in Safari – macOS

You open Safari to browse the Internet. You visit a web site and want to read an interesting article, you are very happy but while the website is loading, you hear something, someone is talking, because a video has automatically started playing without your permission. Some websites (e.g., CNET) do this so a video or audio … Read more

How To Recover Lost Safari Bookmarks – iCloud

iCloud lets you sync and store data with your Mac, iPad or iPhone, including your bookmarks. If you have iCloud configured, your bookmarks will appear across all of your devices. This means if you update your bookmarks (e.g., adding or removing bookmarks) on your iPhone, your new bookmarks will sync between all of your Apple devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad … Read more