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  1. New method!
    Step 1: Open the Safari app directly and login to your desired google account.
    Step 2: After doing Step 1, retry the sign in process from “Settings > Accounts” and it will automatically sync with the session you just completed in Step 1

  2. None of the above fixed my problem but here is what I did that fixed the problem

    Go to Settings
    Go to SAfari
    Go to Advanced
    Click on Javascript enable
    Fixed it!

  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This was so frustrating not being able to sign in to any google services accounts: gmail, YouTube, etc. I couldn’t find how to fix this anywhere until this article. I had a hunch one of the experimental feature settings was the culprit. (What the hell are these anyway??)

    So turning OFF the requestidleCallBack feature was the solution. No need to restart the device.

  4. Turning off “requestIdle…” worked for me as well. I’ve been unable to sign into ANYTHING using my Google account as an option. Thanks!

  5. Thanks! RequestIdleCallback solved the problem for me. This issue was a major waist of time until I found your solution.

  6. To resolve the issue of logging into your Google account do the following:

    1. Open the settings in iPad then click on Safari;
    2. Go to Advanced
    3. Disable ALL Experimental features or disable them one after the other if you’ve got the time and need to keep some of the experimental features, I personally have no need for any experiment.


  7. Turn off requestIdleCallback worked! Thank you very much! This has.been a problem for well over a year, maybe two or three.

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