How To Recover Lost Safari Bookmarks – iCloud

iCloud lets you sync and store data with your Mac, iPad or iPhone, including your bookmarks. If you have iCloud configured, your bookmarks will appear across all of your devices. This means if you update your bookmarks (e.g., adding or removing bookmarks) on your iPhone, your new bookmarks will sync between all of your Apple devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad … Read more

How To View Recently Closed Tabs (iOS Safari)

You may want to reopen your recently closed tabs for various reasons. For instance, if you close a tab accidentally, you can quickly view and reopen them. Here is how you can do this in Apple’s mobile Safari browser (iPad or iPhone). iPad Recently Closed Tabs In Safari, press and hold on the Tabs (+) … Read more

Critical Security Warning! Your Mac is Infected…Fix

An increasing number of users are experiencing issues with Safari. Specifically, a pop-up alert window appears saying that their Mac may have been hijacked or that there is a “suspicious activity” or that their Mac is infected with a virus. See also: Phishing for Apple ID Accounts: Scam Emails and Texts. You may see a popup … Read more