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  1. Perfect! I disabled the allow screen time and everything went back to normal. Whew! Thank you so much

  2. Perfect instructions for me!!
    I just had to turn on the allow changes and problem solved. it’s not grayed out anymore at the top.
    Best instructions to follow.
    VERY Pleased.

    1. Solution:
      Go to setting in iphone then
      Screen time=>content & privacy restrictions And hit off this option. Hopefully, your id will be working properly. kuddos

  3. thank you so much! I wasn’t able to manage subscriptions and had been paying a monthly fee for such a long time! I made the changes in screen time and was able to access and cancel my subscription. JEEZZZ!

  4. You’re so freaking amazing and smart. Everyone to fix this problem you need to cut off your screen time / update your software ! It’s all is working 100% 💯

  5. I had this problem this morning. Contacted Apple support and they told me that the only option was to do a complete reset of my phone. I’m glad I didn’t because it turned out that the problem was because I had mobile data switched off for settings. As soon as I connected to WiFi I was able to Change the settings and fix the problem.

  6. How can I find out if someone else has got In my phone & changed Apple ID settings to make them hav access to my messages my iCloud my email because it showing my sing out option grey instead of read & on one of my favorite contacts there phone # is red sometimes & then normal also what do I need to do

  7. So when I set up my parents accidentally set me up as 1 years old and idk how to change it to 13 without losing everything on my phone.

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