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  1. Hi everyone. If nothing listed above helped you, here is another solution I found.

    Just install the Windows 10 via the bootcamp assistant. On Windows 10, update the bluetooth drivers from the list of pre-set windows drivers (it’s an option when you click “Update manually”)

    Try to pair device(s) in windows. It should work.

    Than, reboot to macOS. Bluetooth works again.

    DO NOT DELETE WINDOWS. The problem may occur again and again. Just reboot to WIndows, pair any device, and boot into a macos again

    1. I am experiencing a very unusual problem. My bluetooth window indicates that the “device (SONY SRS-XB31 speaker) is connected”. The speaker peeps once confirming the pairing. And yet, the sound remains tied to the computer!!
      I have tried disconnecting and turning the speaker off/on, but nothing works.

      Any ideas?

  2. My error was on an early 2015 Macbook Pro. Turns out I had to turn off Handoff in the System Preferences.

    Saved me buying a new laptop as replacing the bluetooth/wifi card and using dongles did not help.

    1. This fixed my issue!!! Thank you so much, I have an older mac as well and have never been able to use the bluetooth until now.

  3. You won’t believe this, but I discovered the issue was the HDMI cable to my second monitor!!

  4. The issue here is the only way to fix that is reset your computer, because on my situation I use an iMac, and how I could debug if I can’t use my mouse – lol… that’s a seriously issue form Apple Developers… OSX isn’t friendly with keyboard navigation (well on top bar).

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