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  1. Hi there. Thanks for the article, very informative… but could you elaborate on this sentence in it, please? “ If you do not worry about the app named in the popup, you can continue to allow full access.”

    For me the popup also appeared for WhatsApp – which I do regularly use to send photos – but should I be worried about that??? Is that information potentially being “mined” by the company/app and if so how can I tell? Many thanks, Kel

    1. Our info is definitely being mined. Everything typed. Everything said in a video too. Talk about your roof leak and you will start seeing roofing advertisements. We are highly targeted for ads and sometimes other bad intentions. So always make your decisions to share carefully. Could the location info in the photo or video, or anything else come back to bite you at a later date? That is the question. I try to err on the side of caution always.

  2. Thanks for the article Stacey. I just got this pop up tonight and couldn’t find any other article mentioning it.

    Is it normal that it says 6 months even though I got my phone and have been allowing full access on WhatsApp for a lot longer than 6 months?

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