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  1. We have the same problem – battery will not charge when plugged in until the battery is completely drained then it will recharge to 100%, but it will not start recharging until battery is drained to 0% (tried all of the recommended steps, no problem with battery detected). They are replacing IO Board to attempt to fix the problem. Was anyone able to fix this problem?

  2. Do make sure that there are not multiple devices or chargers connected to the same extension Mac charger is connected to because then the power supply would be distributed to other devices and won’t be sufficient enough for the MacBook to charge. Unplug other devices from the extension or try connecting the Mac charger from a direct power source. This worked for me.

  3. I unboxed my Macbook pro 2019 and as soon as i open it, i see battery Replace now msg. Battery wont charge at all. Cycle count is 1. Please help me if someone has any solution.

  4. Hi, Im using A1278 MacBook pro 13″. when i plugged it on charging it won’t charge , However it was charge when turn Off. Hence i turn on the MacBook then it not charged . I changed my old charger with the new charger and saw same result.

    And i charge the charging port as well.but nothing change.

    please advise me that what the should i do.

  5. i usually connect my MBA to my external monitor via usb C.
    I don’t understand why sometimes the monitor is able to charge my MBA battery (i see the ‘time until full’ message) and sometimes it is not. I tried both ports and different cables, but it seems to be totally random. It would be good to have the external monitor charge the battery rather than the external charger as this would allow to free up one of the usb-c ports for other functions. the charging works fine if i use the OEM external charger.
    would be great to understand how i can use external monitor usbc connection to charge my laptop!

    1. same here. nothing seems to be working. i even replaced the battery. still the same issue “the battery is not detected”. battery is charged though.
      guessed there should be something wrong with the battery’s data cable but already tried two of those to no avail. now i contemplating something much more simpler – apple must be blocking the communication with the battery to block third party repairs. at the moment it is the only explanation and i have to go and see those “geniuses”.

    1. It’s actually right on point with what is causing the problem as well as the simple fix. Many times it’s a simple result of a bad battery. On Mac’s if the battery is bad it causes a trickle down effect which the charger will not light up. That statement you made will bounce right back in your face. Fact!

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