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  1. I bought my iPad specifically so that i could store all my pdfs in a secure location on both my iPad and iCloud using iBooks. This was very successful and i have over 3,000 confidential documents stored. However i have hit a problem the iBooks app keeps deleting my pdfs from my local drive on iPad, although they stay on the cloud, despite my settings supposedly stopping this, so i can not access them when there is no signal. When i investigate my iPad storage On i have over 3 GB In storage for these pdfs however when i look at the downloads File these pdfs do not appear. Now my iBooks app has stopped me storing any more pdfs so i am stymied as i need this function for business. Searches have shown that for some reason my iBooks content is not backed up in my icloud account automatically so although it shows up in storage it does not appear in my download account so i cannot access it through windows or see what is stored. Ever so often 80% of my pdfs disappear from by iBooks app which is terrifying as these are the only copies of important business documents. How can i ensure
    1) pdfs are stored only to my iPad (secure location with guaranteed access not going to disappear)
    2) i can access my icloud stored pdfs for backing up on another medium
    As cannot access these through
    3) re-enable my iBooks account so can continue to save documents.

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