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  1. I’m using iPhone 11 pro (ios 13.6 update version). I’m very upset with my iPhone wifi speed and it’s drop down frequently. In the same place other brands phone sets has good enough wifi speed!
    Can you plz suggest why it’s happening. Fyi, my iPhone mobile data connection is good enough but problem with wifi.

  2. I have 2 wifi networks at home due to a large house. When I entered the house, my iPhone connected to the closest wifi which was at the entry. When i went to the back of the house, it didn’t know how to automatically connect to the closer wifi even thought the signal was weak and the phone was kept spinning trying to go to a website. I always have to manually switch wifi networks in order to get faster internet. Iphone is not that smart after all.

  3. I have had iPhones for many years and swore I would not ever change but lately with all the issues that appear to be software related i am having second thoughts. My old iPad is extremely slow, WiFi speeds on my iPhone 8 are ridiculously slow and it is definitely not my WiFi which is running at 50Mb/s. Samsung watches link to iPhone seamlessly but cannot share health data with Discovery. New iPhones are ridiculously expensive and pretty soon will price themselves out of the market. Not sure what is going on with Apple but if they carry on like this, they stand to lose many customers

  4. I was observing after upgrading to Spectrum from AT&T that internet speeds are as fast as 192mbps, but about 130mbps on the WIFI on my laptops (I was told this reduction is because WIFI is half duplex and so never gets the speed of a wired network). The speed on my iPhone 6S with the latest IOS 11.3 was about 35. Changing the DNS settings got the speed to about 80, but still shy of the 130 on my laptop. My iPhone 5S is still only getting about 35mbps.

    1. Do you think the hardware on the iPhone 5s (operating on IOS 10.2.1) just won’t be able to do any better? (35mbps is just fine so it’s not a big deal)

    2. Do you think 85mbps is about the best we will do with the iPhone 6s and if so, why is it that the phone can’t get the Internet at the same speed as the laptop (which is circa 2010 Mac Book Pro).



    1. The reason why your speed is not the same on your iphone than your laptop is due to bandwidth and device priority.

      The 192Mbps is shared between all your devices (Laptop, Iphone, etc).

      Your laptop uses more bandwidth due to the nature of it using more internet services (Games, Services downloads) compare to your iphone which does not download as many big things as your laptop does.

      Your router does this automatically.

  5. My problem is that: When I am home, I have no problem, but when I am outside my wifi will drop and it closes. When I go to any building, it closes. Whenever I am in any building, I do not have any phone service

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