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  1. What worked for me was the following:

    Go to google, sign into GMAIL.
    Under Security, go to the section called App Passwords.
    I had app passwords for iMac, iPad and iPhone created. I deleted the app password for the Mac.
    Select the App=Mail, and the device=Mac
    Google will generate a one time password which you should copy to the paste board.

    At the Mac, in Mail, select Accounts under Mail in the menu bar

    Setup the new account as “Other,” not Google.
    Enter your friendly name, your Gmail address and paste the one time password you copied previously and hit .

    Both Google, Mac Mail and you will be happy with the results.

    1. Brilliant, thanks for the info been racking my brains for days going through all the usual tips & tricks. All up and running. Cheers!

  2. Thanks a lot. It worked when I removed the access to macOS in the ‘manage third party apps’ and then then adding the account in Mail.

    Thanks a mil.

  3. I finally managed to locate an envelope index file in the Library/Mail/V7/MailData and deleted it. After 4 days and 8 hrs suffering it works again, thanks god.

  4. great! thank you for the suggestions. haven’t tried them yet . but anyways i appreciate very much your help

  5. HI guys,
    i have fixed this one but my problem is that i cant open junk mails from Google account in Mac Mail. I can see the number of junk mails but when i open the folder looks like empty. no email inside. Somebody has some clue about it?

    Cheers and have a nice day

  6. Mail app authentication issues with Gmail – FIX, check for O/S OS update.

    I faced the same issues, where none of the workarounds solved the issues, including adding “other mail” as opposed to google account, I even deleted all google stuff from keychain, revoked app access from gmail and started again…. but to no avail

    I finally noticed a supplementary update outstanding on Mac, updated to 10.14.6 and everything is back to normal. Phew

  7. I have just been through all the fixes I have found on line and after all that, when I went through the Add other Account’ I got the safari message again and it went no further.
    So frustrating.

  8. Recently as on 28 june 2019 . i changed password for my gmail account.(Gsuit)
    when i tried to update on ipad , while its says re-enter password , but not allowing to change i.e keyboard does not come up

    while setting up ios mail for gmail it does not allowed. it is not going further for seeting up google hosted private domain

  9. I removed the gmail account from the system preferences, restarted the macbook, and re-added the gmail account server. I was prompted to authenticate in Safar again, but this time it moved forward and its back to normal.

  10. I spoke to Apple support now. They gave me the fix I needed.

    You remove the gmail accounts.
    Then reenter the data, but NOT using the gmail button. Instead use ‘other mail’, and enter the data with username and password.

    It works perfectly now.

    1. That does work, but only for mail and notes – apple calendar no longer syncing with google calendar – this sucks!

  11. Wrong!

    I found an error in the console log that indicated that sandbox permissions were preventing the Internet Accounts process from opening Safari and exchanging the necessary information.

    I rebooted into the recover console and ran ‘csrutil disable’ in the shell, rebooted, then went into Internet Accounts and selected Google and Safari opened as expected.’

    After I logged into my Google account and was allowed to give my mac permissions to my mailbox, calendar, etc.

    Then I could open Mail and resync with Gmail.

    After that I re-enabled SIP with ‘csrutil enable’ in the recovery console and went on with life.

    If someone wants to track down the exact sandboxed Library entry, it probably would help with the patch or a user supplied permanent solution versus my work around.

    1. Hi Thanks for this, but with respect, I cannot do this. I have no clue how. Surely Apple should make a fix.

      This is so frustrating.
      Chris H

  12. So in 2019 we need a third party proxy app because Apple is failing to connect to a gmail account. I have moved from OSX to Linux 2 years ago. 2019 will be the years i will be migrating my wife’s laptop to Linux, too. Apple, this is just ridiculous.

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