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  1. I did all the troubleshooting from removing anti-virus, trying another user profile, using Terminal to turn the WiFi interface on and to generate a System Diagnosis Report. I also tried reinstalling OS 10.11 (older iMac I keep around for 32-bit apps).

    Here’s where things got strange: Disk Utility doesn’t report any issues with the disk and WiFi works fine in Safe Mode — so the best option seemed to be the SMU and PRAM/VRAM reset. I am not convinced the SMU was successful. The VRAM only worked through the Terminal. When it came to zap the PRAM — something I have been doing successfully since I bought my first Mac in the 1990s — it wouldn’t work. I tried swapping the BT Apple Keyboard for a newer Apple Keyboard and still the same result.

    I ran Apple Hardware Diagnostics (extended) and only found an issue with an HD fan. So what does it mean when the Mac absolutely refuses to allow me to zap the PRAM?

    I have an earlier macOS running on another partition with no WiFi issues. What’s strange is that El Capitan and the WiFi were getting along just fine for years and now I can’t get the WiFi interface to switch on no matter what I do. The only thing I got from Wireless Diagnostics was some crash logs pertaining to Microsoft Updater and WiFi Proxy (but no Proxy is checked in the System Preferences).

    I think I have read about 50 different web forums and articles on the subject of troubleshooting a WiFi interface that won’t turn on, and one thing I get repeatedly (from the comment section) is that those who are having WiFi disconnects seem to have more success whereas those who are not able to SEE any wireless networks don’t always see their problem resolved apart from downgrading their OS. What I don’t get is how El Capitan managed to work just fine with the same wireless network settings for so long, and then one day “Poof!” it’s gone? Everything I have read suggests that if it works in Safe Mode it should be possible to get it up and running again. But unless Microsoft Updater is to blame (or WiFi Proxy even though I don’t have any of those options checked?), I’m clean out of suspects.

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