Slow Mac? How To Speed Up Mac: Tips and Tweaks

Is your Mac not as fast as it used to be? Do you often see the rainbow-colored circle even when you are doing simple stuff on your computer? Is your Mac noisy indicating your Mac is really busy? There can be lots of different reasons why your Mac may be running more slowly than it did when … Read more

How To Create A Text (TXT) File On A Mac

A text (TXT) file contains unformatted text with the file extension .txt (e.g., macreports.txt). By unformatted, it is meant that these type of text files are plain text files without any styling and formatting, for instance, these documents do not have bold texts, italic texts, images, colors, different font types, hyperlinks, tables, bulleted lists etc. … Read more

How To Remove Malware (macOS) is malware or malicious software. It is basically a program that can hurt your Mac. This particular malware is a fake search engine ( It may look innocent but we records your activity without your permission. On your computer, is probably installed via a fake Adobe Flash update. A fake Adobe Flash … Read more

How to Install and Setup Apple TV Remote App

This article explains how you can download, install and setup the Apple TV app on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad); so that you can control your Apple TV. This will enable you to use your iPone or iPad as a remote. This will have many advantages, like: You can enter text easily using the … Read more

iOS: Gmail Won’t Load, Blank Page, Fix

Sometimes, I experience this problem. I use the web version of Gmail. To check my emails, on my iPad or iPhone, I open Safari and go to However, sometimes, Safari displays a blank white page and I can’t load Gmail. I find this situation frustrating not be able to check your emails. Is Gmail … Read more