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  1. I have both an Intel and an Apple Silicon iMac. Both of them are running Sonoma 14.1.1 and both are having the Wallpaper problem. Specifically, I want to use my recent photos as my wallpaper and have them cycle through every minute. I created a Recent Photo album that contains about 360 photos, and then selected it as my Wallpaper. I did this several times on both iMacs and each time it ignored my selection and presented the vineyard default. Once, however, it actually showed one of my photos in the selected Album, but it never cycled through any others. When I kept clicking on the Album I selected, it finally just defaulted to the vineyard. I tried your methods on both of iMacs and nothing helped. I think this is an operating system glitch, but if you have any other ideas for how to solve this problem, I’d like to hear them. Thanks!

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